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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What are heel fissures?

Heel fissures, also called rhagades, are a very common dermatological condition experienced by many people. These cracks are a result of excessive dry skin on the heel causing nuisance, discomfort and pain when standing, walking or when any pressure is placed on the heel.

Heel fissures are more common in the winter: a combination of dry air and cold weather results in a reduced blood circulation in the skin, causing the skin to dry excessively in sensitive persons. Where initially small cracks will develop on the dry, hard and thickened skin of the heel, increased pressure through walking will eventually result in deeper painful cracks.

Without proper treatment, small heel fissures can develop into open wounds and become infected resulting in very painful full thickness ulcers, leading to systemic infection.

Anyone can develop heel fissures; however some conditions such as overweight, prolonged standing, wearing open-back shoes, etc. can accelerate their development.

The development of heel fissures is also often observed in pathological conditions: for instance in patients with systemic diseases such as diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, or suffering from skin problems such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, heel cracks can develop into extensive fissures and deep skin ulcers. Cracked heels are of particular concern for diabetic patients suffer neuropathic damage (loss of feeling, particularly of the feet), as the fissures may lead to diabetic foot ulcers.

How does HeelFix help?

HeelFix is a film-forming cream used for local treatment of cracks on the heel. The product has unique pain reducing and healing properties by creating a thin protective layer on the affected heel skin crack.

And what about cracks on my fingers?

Skin fissures can also develop on fingers. You can find more information on the treatment of finger cracks here: (link to FingerFix).

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